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Business two way radios-make your work place more secure

Even though lots of people think any walkie talkie can be used for business, But because Retevis is the Professional Brand to R&D the two way radios, we still need to remind everyone here: not all two way radios are suited for business.

Maybe you still choose the License-free walkie talkie for your business, for example, use the license-free radio for your restaurant, use the license-free radios for your 2-floor hotel…..

Tha’s no problem, you get the right choice.

But if you choose the radios for your business like Office, working high above the ground,major match and ect. The License-free radios will not meet your requires because:

Business two way radios need to be confidential

When you press PTT to talk to others, you don’t want others to get your information. So you can choose the encryption function. You can set different value for your different channel, make your communication more secure.

But for Analog mode radio like License-free radios don’t have this function. So DMR radio will be your best choice. Like the Model RT50, with the normal mode and Enhance mode encryption, make your talk safer.

Business radios need Long range communication.


As we know, walkie talkies are the best way for communication over short distances. Like the License-free radio, we call short-distance communication tool.

But lots workplaces need the long range communication, like the farms and rances, hotel more than 10 floors, they all need the long-range communication.

Here we recommend the Model RT81, with the high-power 10w DMR radio, the best Long-range walkie talkie for business. According to our tests and use feedback, the Retevis RT81 goes around 6-7km.

Besides, some workplaces will build a communication system- Repeater, allows the signal to reach much farther than between handheld walkie talkies.

If you need to connect your radios with your repeater system, you need to confirm the repeater’s mode first.

  • If your repeater’s mode is digital mode, you need to choose the DMR radio with 2 time slots, like the model RT50, it has two time slots, Using TDMA technology, designed with Tier II, also it is the waterproof DMR radio.
  • If your repeater’s mode is Analog mode, you need to choose the analog radio. Like the model RT29, it is the single band Analog mode radio, with the waterproof IP67 rated.

Business radios need have the longer battery life and durability.

For people who work at high above the ground, Longer battery life and durability are very important.

But With the big battery, they will not waste time to up and down because of no power. We recommend the model Retevis RT29 with the capacity 3200mah, offer longer standby.

And for Durability, I think I don’t need to say more about this, all the users want to use their radios for a long time.

Outdoor users need to have the waterproof radio.

For workplace in outdoor, users often use the radios in rainy or nearby the water, for these business, please choose the waterproof radios.

And there are so many grades for waterproof, you only need to remember one: IP67

It will help you to communication in rain or wet environment with no problem. So remember to choose the IP67 waterproof radio.

If you want to choose the waterproof radio in August 2019, you can consider our promotion model: Retevis RT50 DMR waterproof radio, Retevis RT81 DMR long-range waterproof radio, Reteivs RT29 high power long-range waterproof walkie talkie.

All of them are IP67 waterproof radios.


If any suggestions or questions about business two way radios, please contact us by following ways:




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5 thoughts on “Business two way radios-make your work place more secure”

    1. sorry, they can’t work with each when using the encryption, if you want to use this function, we suggest you order the same model!

  1. Andrew Norman

    Do you have instruction on how to programme RT81 and RT50 to be used together digitally encrypted pleasae?

    1. hi,
      just set the encryption code same, and in the same setting channels, choose the same encryption, it will work

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