retevis RT81-The best walkie talkie for cycling

Retevis RT81-The best walkie talkie for Cycling

The best walkie talkie for Cycling-Retevis RT81

Cycling is more than just a hobby, it is one of the most enjoyable leisure activities.

Whether you go cycling with your partner, or go with a Cycling team, it is important to keep in touch with partners. So the two way radios will be the best communication solution for bikers. But how to choose? Which is the best one for Cycling?

Retevis will recommend the Model RT81. And I will tell you the reasons why we recommend it.

Best long-Range Walkie-Talkies for Cycling

Distance will be the first element we choose the walkie talkie, Having a long-range two way radio will offer you and your partner a better communication during Cycling.

Retevis RT81 with the High power 10w, make the communication longer. And as our customers’ feedbacks, In city Retevis RT81 goes around 6-7km, and in plain sight around 15km.

Reliable Communication

Retevis walkie talkie will offer reliable communication when you Cycling on unfamiliar roads. You don’t have to dial a number each time you want to transmit, just press the PTT button, you can talk to others, very easy to use, no need to worry about cell-phone signal.

No Dead Zone worries

Like the above, when you transmit by pressing the radio’s PTT, no need to worries about the cell-phone signal. If your cycling team rides to a weak signal or no signal area, Retevis RT81 device keeps you in contact in even the remotest regions, hilly terrains, and rough roads.

Features Retevis RT81-the best walkie talkie for Cycling

Best walkie talkie for cycling
Best walkie talkie for cycling

Waterproof-Retevis RT81 is the waterproof radio, with the IP67 grade. Cycling will meet the rain weather, so waterproof walkie talkie will a better decision.

Power- 10W power makes your communication longer.

Call option- It is the DMR walkie talkie, so you can choose the private call to one of your friends, or make a group call to all your cycling team.

Optional accessory- Retevis offer the rapid charger for 6pcs RT81 radios in one time.

rapid charger for 6pcs RT81
Rapid charger for 6pcs RT81


About Retevis

Retevis has the best long-range walkie talkies and best handheld two way radios, no matter for business, for outdoor activities like Cycling, hiking, skiing, or for radios amateur.

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