RT73 DMR mobile radio

Cannot afford a multi-function mobile radio? Why not try RT73

Cannot afford a multi-function mobile radio? Why not try RT73. You may have found the mobile radio is very expensive, and you may not afford the price, however, the mobile radio is useful when you use it in your car to contact your partner. Cost and demand are always very difficult to meet at the same time. However, the RT73 can help you, and you may hear of it. So, let me recommend it to you.

What RT73 look like?

RT73 mobile radio

Functions and features

  1. 200,000+contacts(complete worldwide database from DMR-MARC).
  2. 20000 call groups.
  3. 250 text messages.
  4. 4000-channel (250CH/Zone, 16 zones)
  5. Built-in GPS.
  6. The true 2-time slot allows for 2 talk paths one a frequency.
  7. Dual-band, dual display, and dual standby.
  8. AMBE vocoder, Crystal sound quality.
  9. Super small size, power up to 20W, be convenient for installation on any devices.
  10. Definable keys to ensure shortcut operation.

Why choose it?

RT73 is a dual-mode mobile radio: analog and digital mode. You can easily converse the mode on mobile radio.

Dual-standby: the screen divides into A band and B band, you can check the frequency and mode clearly and conveniently.

Two speakers are supported: you can both use a mic and built-in speaker to transmit.

FM receiving: it is convenient to find and use the FM radio on the mobile radio screen.

Build-in GPS: GPS can record and locate your address and path.

Hotspot: RT73 can work with DMR hotspot, and you can check the weather information.

7 customize keys to help you active the functions the first time.

There are many other simple and useful features waiting for you to try.

Such a mobile intercom, don’t you move?
Action is better than heart, hurry to see. 👉https://www.retevis.com/RT73-Mini-GPS-Dual-Band-DMR-Mobile-Radio#

And now is our May sales. Come to have a look and try.

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Cannot afford a multi-function mobile radio? Why not try RT73

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