Cheap Emergency Alert Radio RB27B

Some customers who are new to walkie-talkies emailed RETEVIS. They said that they would like to recommend a cheap and easy-to-use walkie-talkie with Emergency Alert. This cheap Emergency Alert RadioRB27B is simply tailor-made for customers with such needs.

RB27B is popular with consumers because of its exquisite appearance and function, and it has been in a state of in short supply. I believe that consumers love this new cheap Emergency Alert Radio RB27B for a reason.

RB27B has two versions, FRS and PMR, to make up for the insufficiency of the RB27GMRS model that cannot be used in other countries. RB27B has a keyboard, a large screen and a large answering area, which is very convenient for outdoor use. If you like team outdoor activities, RB27B is very suitable for use.

Emergency Alert and Flashlight of RetevisRB27B share the same signal light. Not only the caliber is large, the radiation range is large; moreover, it can notify the user of another walkie-talkie to respond quickly.

Moreover, RetevisRB27B also has NOAA and FM functions. Outdoors, you can not only understand the weather conditions, but also listen to the radio, which is really comfortable.

If you don’t know which radio to choose as your outdoor equipment, you might as well try this cheap Emergency Alert Radio RB27B.

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