Children’s walkie-talkie RA15 is coming soon

Attention: RETEVIS’s new radio ,children’s walkie-talkie RA15 is expected to arrive at the end of July. RA15 children’s walkie-talkie has made many innovations. Add NOAA function in FRS frequency mode; add LPD in PMR frequency mode, which is currently available for only three brands on the market.

In addition, a foam support is added after the battery shrapnel so that the walkie-talkie falls without damage, and the headphone jack function is added. Realize both internal and external training.

Children's walkie-talkie RA15 is coming soon
Children’s walkie-talkie RA15 is coming soon
  • RA15 has made multiple innovations

The US uses the frequency FRS to increase the NOAA function, and the European uses the frequency PMR to increase the 69LCD to avoid frequency and channel congestion and improve communication efficiency. Its creative function is currently the only one on the market except for the Midland and Motorola brands.

  • Foam support, no damage when dropped

In order to enhance the anti-fall ability of the walkie-talkie, we conducted a number of tests for the walkie-talkie to fall, and finally increased the foam support to make it fall without damage and low risk. This is of great benefit to children during use, and indirectly increases the service life of the walkie-talkie。

  • 24 hours continuous battery life

The battery capacity of 1000 mAh ensures that the walkie-talkie can be used continuously for 24 hours, which not only meets the communication needs of children, but also allows for multi-band exploration needs.The headphone jack brings a new experience and enhances the privacy of calls.

This children’s walkie-talkie is exquisite and easy to carry, and has a low risk factor. It is a perfect gift for children aged 7+.

If you want to know more about and book this walkie-talkie, you can check it on the website: ,or leave a message in BLOG blow.

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