Giveaway activity-New product RA15

     RETEVIS new product RA15 is an outdoor walkie-talkie designed for children aged 7+. A number of innovations have been made in function and manufacturing, achieving both internal and external repairs.The giveaway activity startes now.

Giveaway activity-new product RA15
Giveaway activity-new product RA15

     New product highlights of RA15:

  • FRS 22 Channel is equipped with NOAA
  • PMR 16 Channel is  equipped with LPD433  69 Channel
  • Foam support, no damage when dropped
  • 24 hours continuous battery life

The functional innovation carried out by RA15 is unprecedented. For example, 22 Channel FRS + NOAA and 16 PMR446 +69 LPD are the only three brands on the market that can do it, reflecting the highest level of the walkie-talkie industry. Secondly, placing foam on the battery shrapnel to avoid falling damage to the walkie-talkie is also a pioneering work in the industry, which indirectly extends the service life.

Giveaway activity-new product RA15
Giveaway activity-new product RA15

       How to get:

  1. Comment and forward the blog to your own social media
  2. When you receive the product, you need to send us a review (photos and video) within a week.

       Note@RetevisToys for reshareing BLOG.

                    Your review quality is a plus.

      Pacific Time limit:  2027.25 ——2020.7 31

       Lucky guys:   five(One pair per person)

      Is the way to get giveaway very simple?

   If you have any questions about participating in Giveaway activity or products, please leave a message on Blog, or send us an; or leave a message on Retevis Toys.

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