Best walkie talkie for your child

How to Choose Best Walkie Talkie For Your Kids

Do u love your children ? U know which day is World children’s day ? Maybe your kids just to know their holiday, International Children’s Day,Halloween and Christmas . So it is a good time to make a surprise on World Children’s day —the fourth Sunday of April.

Love them, Choose a sweet gift for them !!!

We did the survey from January to March about the topic : best gifts for children , asked many papa and mama , get the real answers from thousands of parents.
Kids walkie talkie is sweet and common gifts ! Kids Walkie talkie can help communicate with family better . There are many kinds of great walkie talkies for kids. The best choice for you will fit their needs, your budget . What kind of kids walkie talkie parents like ? U can get the answer from these lovely parents !


Love is communnication
Love is communnication


A letter to parents –

Hello,great papa and mama, Thanks for your purchase on Retevis!

Recently, We are doing a survey to develop a new kids walkie talkie. So Your advice is exactly valuable to us.Thanks for your support ,Looking forward to receiving your kind suggestion!

1.Which color do your children like best ? WHY ?

Richard Stankewicz :Blue or green would be their favorite colors .so we choose your RT388 great.
Shannon Jennings : They have orange. Bright colors are good so they can find RT602!
David Perkins : I have purchase three pair now–blue, yellow, and pink. We have enjoyed them all, but the pink have been best. We would like to have gotten red but didn’t see that as available.
Teri Saunier: we got the RT31 ,yellow with dark blue trim and both kids – a boy and girl like them. We parents like them because they are gender neutral and bright.
Kim Schafer (eyelidcanvas) : Orange.
Kathryn Fletcher : My kids like the black walkie talkie best because it is a gender neutral color. My son doesn’t want a girl color and my daughter doesn’t want a boy color. This way both are satisfied.

2.Do u have any suggestions or customized demands regards our kids walkie talkie ? radio’s shape? function or others ?

Richard Stankewicz : Allow a parent to lock the settings so that the kids can’t change the channels. Our kids changed the channel on one and it was too hard for them to get it set right.Add more sounds to send across the Walkie talkies, the kids enjoy playing the sounds.
Shannon Jennings : It would be nice to have a simplified version for younger kids. They tend to accidentally change the channel and then ask for our help getting it working again because they don’t understand all the smaller buttons. My daughter has trouble remembering to push the talk button. (We put it on voice activated.) Also, the “Call” feature is something they love but it drives us parents crazy when they are inside the house – I would remove it or add the option to disable that feature. The flashlight they love! I chose Retevis because it has rechargeable batteries – this is a must to keep!
David Perkins: These radios Update RT388 are feature rich and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.Can be charge. The size and shape are good. A lanyard could be a nice feature. Also, the light is a great feature, and different color LEDs or flashing patterns could also be fun.
Kim Schafer (eyelidcanvas) : Love RT602, the handsets are a great size for kids’ hands, easy to use, have great coverage on our property, and my family loves using them! We would definitely use Retevis walkies again!
Kathryn Fletcher: I recommend making the walkie talkie more durable. When kids play they drop things and several of the walkie talkies we bought for the kids in the neighborhood broke upon the first drop. We had to purchase 2 replacement sets and then gave up after that since it became too costly to replace each time they were dropped. Having a neck strap to tie to the walkie talkie would be helpful for younger kids and that may avoid accidents of dropping the walkie talkie on the ground.
linda baker: No need to change , love RT32, Give my 4year’s daughter smile ,becasue it is a bid smile design.
There are many other valuable suggestions from sweet families ,we can not list all info.Pls understand ! Thanks all the help from warm customers .Maybe u can get the answer how to choose best walkie talkie for your kids , sincerely hope u can give your kids a big surprise on World Children’s day !!!


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