White Color RT5, Female’s favorite!!!

White color RT5 coming! It is a awesome style for female. Exclusive design for beautiful women ,Business lady ,Great housewife and Fashion girl!

RT5 :
A dual display, dual standby two-way radio, adopts high-technology and novel design, It adopts humanism design, making it smart in shape, advanced in function and flexible in operation.
 Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Standby
 VHF(136-174)+UHF(400-520)MHz
 Clear voice, exquisite workmanship, feels comfortable
 FM radio 65-108MHz(Only commercial FM radio reception)
 DTMF function,1750Hz tone, VOX, Alarm function, Scan function
Battery capacity:1800mAh .180 hours

Distance range: within 3km.

White color RT5


Business Lady using white color RT5 Walkie talkie

Are u a business lady ? Black always make u tired , Need some special design to match your great job and make your life easier. Don’t be hesitate , get White color RT5 right now !

Suitable for job : Female Sales Assistant ,Female teacher, police women and others, u can’t image how beautiful they are . Trust me , A beautiful walkie talkie will increase your efficiency

Suitable scene: Company, school or others.



Great housewife using white color RT5 Walkie talkie

Walkie talkie includes kids walkie talkie for children, black handheld radio for man, where is the professional walkie talkie for women ? U want to go to a BBQ with your family ? As the boss of a family, Buy a pure white walkie talkie for your wife , let her know u love her !

Suitable for housewife, matrons and other family members.

Suitable scene: House, park, hike,warehouse and others.



Fashion girl using white color RT5 Walkie talkie

White color is a favorite color for FASHIONAL GIRL.White is fashion and elegance. Girls always love white color , white wedding dress ,White jewels,white mobile phone . Are u a fashion girl, want to own your personal colors Retevis designs the white color RT5 for fashion girl . Take it when u surfing,travelling,learning ! Image that u are at the beach, u need something special to make u more beautiful. White walkie talkie is a best choice.

Suitable scene: School,climbing ,seaside.


As a man, maybe don’t like white color , but it is OK, it is a good gift for your wife, daughter,and female colleagues.@.@

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