U Never know details about Waterproof RT6

How much do u know about Retevis RT6 ? Just know it is a  waterproof walkie talkie ? Many customers bought waterproof RT6 and so satisfied with it . Personal , every customer should know why waterproof RT6 is worth buying . Today, we will show more hardware facilities details about Waterproof RT6 to tell u the reason RT6 becoming hot sale !

Waterproof-RT6-function1. Feel generous for handing:

Weight 700g,there has spiral to increase the friction.



2.Trustly waterproof :

IP67 Waterproof Anti-dust Walkie Talkie RT6 Dual-Band Radio,Putting RT6 into 1 meter deep water and keep 30 minutes , u can use it normally.still work well.


3. Antenna Connector:

High gain antenna,SMA-M connector , Frequency scope is FM / 136-174 MHZ / 400-520 MHZ three frequency bands.


4. Details about Waterproof RT6-Waterproof LED indicator :

Super bright flashlight,Alarm, emergency function,everything, to meet the daily needs.some customer love the torch can be light when hurting at night.


5. Orange Button:

It is a additional button than other kinds walkie talkie,when u have a rest, just press it ,u can use the FM function,press again, will close this function,Long press open the alarm function.

Waterproof-RT6-LED-torch-6. Waterproof HD screen:

Special design make RT6 Screen will not be scratched, colorful LED and seal structure make RT6 more excellent .

waterproof-RT6-colorful-screen-and-special-design7.Details about Waterproof RT6-Solid screw on right side :

Headphones close contact piece, Innovative design, seamless integration of headset, better contact piece make RT6 more dustproof and waterproof.


8. Details about Waterproof RT6-Special Headset port (USB Jack):

Pls check the following pic,u will find RT6 is different other retevis product, not kenwood 2 pin earpiece. But pls don’t worry, Retevis provides expert waterproof earhook for free in the package.


waterproof RT6 waterproof earbud

9. Details about Waterproof RT6-Belt clip:

If u are a professional radio buyer, u will find RT6 has a Intimate design for belt clips,RT6’s belt clips is very flexible, can be fixed well .

Warm note : When removed, the lower the intercom tilted back 15 degrees, moving up walkie-talkie, you can take down the container. Other angles are not easily removed, it is in order to prevent walkie talkie falling when working.

waterproof-RT6-Belt-clips waterproof-RT6-fixed-belt-clips10. Details about Waterproof RT6-Label:

RT6 has a white label,u can put it on your radio and write your name or call sign to avoid take by mistake.is that sweet design @.@ ? U can not find other radio has this warm design.

waterproof-RT6-label11. Details about Waterproof RT6-Function show :

Pls see the next pic ,u will see the main function of RT6 , special function logo, special factory design ,help u find your favorite.


More introduction about RT6, pls watching our Youtube Video : https://goo.gl/qS1lCT

Are u the fans of waterproof IP67 RT6 ? If so,maybe u can find other tiny but warm design than other usual walkie talkie ?  Pls don’t hesitate to share with us ! Once your opinion adopted, u can receive one piece waterproof RT6 earpiece!!!


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