Choose the Right DMR radio for your business

Choosing the right DMR radio for your business will help you a lot. With the expansion of commercial scale, It is necessary to offer a fast and effective response. So Instant communication is becoming more and more popular in the business area.

In order to realize this goal, More and more businesses choose to use the radios, and lots of businesses choose the Analog model radio like License-free radio. For the small business, the License-free radio has fully meet their requirements, like the small hotel and restaurant.

But if your working area is large, like the hotel more than 5 floors, like the construction site, like the warehouse, the larger the working area, the more communication blind spots there are. In addition to this, if you want to make groups manage your team, the license-free radio or the analog mode radio can’t meet the requires.

So choose a DMR radio will be your best choice.

How to choose the right DMR radio for your business?

1, Frequency Range- UHF or VHF?

Consider your environment when choosing which frequency you’ll need.

If you use your radio inside the buildings, or there are many obstructions around you, then the UHF radio is best. These radios work well for business such as hotel, restaurant, schools, office building and etc.

Here we suggest the model Retevis RT50, with the UHF band.

Retevis-RT50-the UHF band DMR radio for business
Retevis-RT50-the UHF band DMR radio for business

VHF band radios work well when used outside on open land or rolling hills with few trees. If you use the radios for a business like farms and ranches, golf courses,

2, Power- How much Do I need?

Usually, if you want to make higher distance communication, the more powerful radio will be the best choice. When you choose the DMR radio, it proves you want to get a longer communication distance.

So why not choose Retevis RT50, with the 10W power, no matter you are on a farm or golf courses, it will be easy to meet the requires.

3, Channels- How many channels in suitable?

Before you decide, please consider how many people will use the radio.

Like the hotel, Managers like hotel sales manager, housekeeping manager need to use a channel. Other employees like Front Desk Receptionist, Room Attendant need to use a channel.

Like the Restaurant, kitchen, wait staff, the manager will use the different channel.

Retevis RT50 with the 198 channels, no matter you order for hotel, restaurant and others, the channel numbers enough to meet your needs.

4, Make groups.

DMR radio can make different group, then add the channels you want to the group, then you can manage your employees in groups.

You can also make an Instant talk to a different group, you can make a notification to all the employees, you can make a private call to anyone.

Recommended DMR radio-Retevis RT50

1, With 198 channels to meet yours.

2, DMR mode, also with the analog mode.

3, The DMR model will help you manage your employees in groups.

4, With the best power 10w, no matter how large your working area, meet your needs with no problem.

5, Hidden display with digital tube character, it will show the working channels, easy to help you find the right channels.

6, Real IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof, if you need to work outside, no need to worry wet environment and rain.

Retevis RT50-IP67 DMR radio
Retevis RT50-IP67 DMR radio

Where to order the DMR radio Retevis RT50?

Retevis has the official website:

The link to order the right DMR radio Model RT50:

Choosing the DMR radio for business, why not choose retevis RT50?

If any question about the DMR radio and Retevis RT50, please feel free to contact us below:





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