The real communication distance review of Retevis long-range radios

A two-way radio is based on the electronic wave to send information. So, due to the different weather and environment, the distance range is different. And the transmitting power is the primary factor to affect the range. In general, the high power of FRS radios is 2W and 0.5W for PMR446 radios, 5W for GMRS radios and licensed radios, and some higher power on amateur radios and mobile radios. So, let’s check the review of Retevis long-range radios.


HD1 is the most popular long-range radio and a high-power radio for the longer range. According to our test, in a crowded city, the communication range can reach 4 kilometers. But it can also reach 20 miles in an open area. Ringway manchester tested its range of it. And now, due to the radio solution.


RT86 is another UHF long-range radio with a hidden screen. It is also a good radio for business use. And if you do not want to hold the radio in your hand, you can use a speaker or an earpiece to work on it, such as the C9001A speaker. And here is a video to show how convenient to use a speaker on the radio and the range test in the building.


RB85 is the first noise-reduction radio with a long range on the UHF frequency band. If you speak in a noisy place like a restaurant, a club, or a bar. It is the best radio for you. The noise-reduction function can distinguish the noise and speech on the carrier so that your radio can filter the noise and transmit the speech to receivers. And also, RB85 is a high-power radio, and the Dan of Tools has tested the communication range on the road.


And recently, we have a new long-range Bluetooth radio RB689. It has a hidden screen without a keyboard. And it can connect to a Bluetooth earpiece to work well. And we’ve tested the connected range of the earpiece and radios, and surprisingly, the connection is more than 50m away.


And here is a review of RB689 by DX explorer. You can find the distance test, radio features, and his thought in the blog.

Above all, long-range radio needs a license to operate in law. And it can cover a large area to build a communication network. And long-range radios can be used in many businesses and activities like farming, off-roading, racing, churching, and rescuing.

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