Best handheld ham radio 2022

I wonder if you noticed a few new ham radios in 2022. But ham radio is still the main and important product line for us. So, do you want to know the best handheld ham radio in 2022? And what is the news of ham radios and devices in 2023?

How many ham radios are in stock?

HD1 IP67 Dual-band DMR Ham radio

RT3S 5W Dual-band DMR ham radio

RA685 5W analog dual-band ham radio

RT85 analog dual-band ham radio

(Note, if you cannot link to the product page, that means you can type the radio model in the search bar)

Due to the chip shortage, some of our ham radios have been out of stock and stopped producing this year. So, only 6 handy ham radios are for sale.

Best handheld ham radio 2022

No doubt the HD1 and RT3S are popular, and the new RA685 ham radio is popular, too.

RA685 is a new analog ham radio, and the price is affordable for most operators. So, it became a popular radio, especially in Europe. And it has been certified by the CE on Amateur radio.

Upcoming Ham Radios

Due to the radio chip shortage, many ham radios have been out of stock, and new ham radios are stopped producing without chips. And some ham radios are more expensive than before.

But in our plan, some ham radios and devices are designed and produced.

HM1 DMR mobile radio

HD2 DMR handy radio

High-Power amplifier

Cost-effective high-power repeater

All products are in development. Follow us on the blog and social media pages, and any updates will be posted as soon as possible. Finally, do you have the best handheld ham radio 2022? And which radio do you expect in 2023?

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