Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkie of Retevis

Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkie of Retevis

One of the biggest problems with the traditional walkie talkies is that they are not ‘hands-free’. Needless to say, this gives a lot of headaches for us. This has prompted us to use a Bluetooth walkie talkie that can easily pair with headsets.

Who should get Bluetooth Walkie Talkie?

The greatest benefit of having a BT walkie talkie is that it gives you a lot of freedom. You no longer have to hold the walkie talkie in your hand!

They are quite useful in circumstances where the failure of the device won’t cause much trouble.

Security personnel and guards can use Bluetooth radios and headsets to communicate freely while looking unobtrusive.
The hands-free operation feature is useful for individuals whose hands are mostly preoccupied. For example bike riders, truckers, and construction site workers.
Having a Bluetooth earpiece can also help users looking for silent operation, for example in crowded areas or when out hunting in the wild.
These are a great asset for restaurants and job sites.

Let’s see the best bluetooth walkie talkies of retevis  below:

1/RB89 High-Power GMRS radio with bluetooth headset

1.RB89 is a high power GMRS radio with bluetooth headset, 30 GMRS channels (22 FRS channels and 8 repeater channels), and the power is 5 watts.
2.The battery capacity is 2600mah, it can support at least 12 hours of working time and longer standby time
3.The charger of RB89 is a USB charging base.
4.Bluetooth/Wireless function.
Users can connect a Bluetooth earpiece or a headset to their radios to free their hands. And also, a Bluetooth earpiece is in the box. You can use the earpiece to connect with your radio and phone simultaneously.
5.Wireless copy function.
The wireless copy function can build communication if you cannot hear or talk to another radio. But you can only copy the CTCSS/DCS codes because the frequencies are the field on this RB89 GMRS wireless radio. And here are other GMRS radios.

2/RB37/ RB637 icense-free Two Way Radio with Bluetooth earpiece

1.Built in 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery; can work continuously for 15-20 hours; standby time is up to 7 days; low battery alarm will remind you to charge in time; TYPE-C charging interface avoids plugging and unplugging troubles
2.50 CTCSS and 232 DCS provide a clear and safe calls; 0-9 level VOX can free your hands when you are busy; and ensure the quality of the call
3.0-9 level squelch function can reduce the noisy noise in the surrounding environment; suitable for outdoor camping; hunting; skiing and other occasions;
4.One-key parameter function wireless copy can quickly copy the radio parameters to other radios; save time and improve efficiency

3/ RA19/RA619 Bluetooth Rechargeable Walkie Talkies With Wireless Headset

1.The built-in Bluetooth: you can connect with a Bluetooth headset to free your hand.
2.Wireless copy: help you communicate with each radio quickly without a PC.
3.Vibration function: You can prevent the silence from being interrupted by the prompt voice.
4.Torchlight: light your road or tent at night.
5.Alarm function: to help you get help immediately in danger.
6.other functions like Monitor, Scanning, Keylock, TOT, VOX, etc.

Bluetooth walkie talkies offer not only exciting services but also aid in ease of use. With a Bluetooth headphone or earpiece, you can stay connected without having to hold the device in hand. It also saves you from the bundle of wires that can otherwise be invasive and annoying for many operators.

If you’re looking to improve the usability of your walkie talkie, Bluetooth capability is a great place to start.

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