Do you know the meaning of the icons in the HD1 display?

Do you know the meaning of the icons in the HD1 display?

Ailunce HD1 is always popular with consumers.  There are also some new customers, such as Martin, who do not know the meaning of the icons in the HD1 display.

“I am writing this email to inquire as to what is symbol of a what looks like a device with a red circle around it on the dial display near the top of the display, near the battery power level indicator, which appears on several of my HD-1 memories? ”

Before that, let’s introduce what HD1 is:

Ailunce HD1 is a Dual band DMR radio

1.It covers 136MHz to 174MHz and 400 to 480 MHz. It does both FM and DMR, as most DMR radios do.

2.HD1 was specifically made for amateurs and has a number of features that commercial DMR radios don’t have. This makes this radio stand out from the other DMR radios .

3.HD1 has GPS positioning function. GPS function gives you latlong, altitude, bearing and speed information. SMS function support to text the information to another radio with the same DNA protocol. In the event of an emergency, GPS can be used to locate the team’s location for emergency rescue.

4.IP67 waterproof and dustproof function, which makes HD1  very suitable for outdoor skiing activities

5.Lcd display, we can know lots of information from the display.

There are lots of icons, and different radios may have some difference.

Here I will show you the HD1 display icons:

Hope it is clear for you to know the meaning of the HD1 display icon.

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