Compare dual band DMR portable radio HD1 and HD2

The HD1 and HD2 are both dual band DMR portable radio, but they are different in terms of their features and capabilities. Let’s compare them



 dual band DMR portable radio

1.Display Features

HD1: The HD1’s display shows channel information, signal strength, battery status, and other relevant information.
HD2: The HD2’s provides a more interactive user interface, allowing for easier navigation and access to various functions

2. Dual Band Capability

HD1: The HD1 supports dual-band operation, meaning it can transmit and receive on two different frequency bands. This allows for increased flexibility in communication.
HD2: Like the HD1, the HD2 also supports dual-band operation, enabling communication on two separate frequency bands

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3. Big capacity battery

HD1: the battery is 3200 mah Large Battery Capacity for long time standby
HD2: Keeping same 3200 mah Large Battery Capacity, It is a necessity for off-road and emergency rescue outdoor operations

4. High power and waterproof feature

HD1: The HD1 is available in both VHF and UHF versions, high power output for long distance communication, IP67 waterproof for outdoor activities
HD2: Similar to the HD1, the HD2 is also available in VHF and UHF versions, same high power output and IP67 waterproof level

5. Contacts support

HD1: support 200000 Contacts + 1000 Priority Contacts
HD2: support 500000 contacts + 1000 priority contacts, more contacts Capability

Additional Features

HD1: The HD1 includes features such as GPS function, encryption for secure communication, and lone worker
HD2: In addition to the features mentioned above, the HD2 offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for wireless audio accessories and data transfer

More detail about the latest dual band DMR portable radio HD2

Under keep HD1 common features, the HD2 offers a more features and easy operation compared to the HD1
Supports Bluetooth connect is a big brightness point, if you’re interested in become our dealer for HD2, please feel freely contact me by email,

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