Confession from waterproof RT48

    “There are only two seasons a year, you see, it is the peak season; if you don’t see it, it is the off season.” I am a dust-proof and waterproof long-distance walkie-talkie model RT48. My companions have RT47 and RT29. They are also dust-proof and waterproof. RT27 focuses on short-distance wireless radios; RT29 is a long-distance radio with two-way radio.

     We belong to the waterproof series of walkie-talkies, and we are now in the countdown to the event.

waterproof series of walkie-talkies
waterproof series of walkie-talkies

   I always fantasize about who will take me home and what kind of scenes will I use?

   I,waterproof walkie talkie RT48, hope it’s in a romantic scene….

  a couple in a stormy night, their mobile phones are out of power, they tell each other their locations through the walkie-talkie, report safety, and finally meet.

  Or in the family, the father who came home found that the car door was unlocked, and found that he did not bring the key when he got down. He could tell his family to throw the key down through the spare walkie-talkie, interacting, laughing, and happy.
However, it seems that no one wants to take me home, my  dream is gone……

tell me  what you really think
tell me  what you really think

I hope to you tell me  what you really think. You can also think of me as a black hole and talk to me.

 In addition, we are also looking for someone who can test waterproof series. If you have your own social media and like to shoot videos, you are welcome to contact us.Thank you so much.

If you have any questions or complaints, you can click on our website: leave a message in Blog.

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