Retevis RT29/RT47 business radio

Retevis RT29/RT47——good helpers of the hotels!

A walkie-talkie is an essential communication tool for hotel staff in their daily work. Walkie-talkie can be used to communicate at any time. Retevis RT29 and  RT47 maybe a good choice! And it is convenient and economical.

For the frequency, because the hotel is located in the downtown area of economic prosperity, we recommend you choose a better U section of the radio, the penetration of the U section of the radio is much better than the V section.

As a communication tool, walkie-talkie needs to be worn by the hotel staff for a long time. So the feeling of using them is also very important. Male hotel staff and security staff tend to have a wide range of activities and face a more complex work environment, which may be an underground parking lot or noisy environment. Therefore, we recommended you to choose a better communication signal, a more sturdy walkie-talkie.


Retevis RT29 two-way radio
Retevis RT29 two-way radio

Therefore, Retevis RT29 can be a good choice because of its 10W transmitting frequency, the signal transmission strength will be better, and RT29 is equipped with a 3,200mah battery, the ultra-long battery range can meet the needs of a full day of work.

Retevis RT47
Retevis RT47 license-free radio

Relatively speaking, female staff, female suitable for a little bit smaller, lighter walkie-talkie, because their range of movement is not very large, so you can consider the choice of some more lightweight models.RT47 is a free walkie-talkie for women. RT47 is easy to operate. And with the IP67  waterproof function, even if the walkie-talkie touches water or falls into water, there is no need to worry.RT47 also has the MURS spectrum, which is more female-friendly.

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