How to choose noise-canceling headset

How to choose noise-canceling headset. In order to make a correct option, you need to know what application environments ask for the noise-canceling headset

The application environments for noise-canceling headset

The noise-canceling headset protects your ear in high background noise, like airport, pilot, industrial workshop, hunting, and so on. When the external noise seriously affect your hearing, In this situation you have must choose one noise-canceling headset

How to choose noise-canceling headset

How to choose a noise-canceling headset

1.Loudspeaker adjustable volume, the highest -24db noise reduction, suitable for all kinds of noisy environments

How to choose noise-canceling headset

2. Big PTT button/finger PTTmake your operation more convenient

choose noise-canceling headset

3. Super soft comfortable head cushion, make you feel more comfortable when wearing it.

High elastic metal bracket.The metal bracket with good quality and good strength, stable and durable, longer service life

 noise-canceling headset

4. Kevlar type PU wire, excellent tensile strength, and service life

5. Choose the correct connection plug in based on your radio model, If Kenwood radios, normally choose kenwood 2pin

Retevis noise-canceling headset

If you need noise-canceling headset, recommended several Retevis models for your option


Some customers choose it for Motorcycle racing


 noise-canceling headset

When you make an activity for hunting outdoor, you can consider to choosing this earpiece


 noise-canceling headset

It’s a single noise-canceling headset, which doesn’t interfere you hear the external voice

If you have some questions on how to choose the canceling headsets or If these noise-canceling headset can’t meet with your requirement, welcome to submit your special requirement to our email,




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