What are the differences between channel lock and key lock?

One customer asked how to remove other channels on the radio or in the software. Because he only works on one channel, and he doesn’t think other channels are necessary. And some customers said they left their radio at home, but their kids played their radio and all the settings are missing. So, the channel lock and key lock function can protect your setup and reduce operator errors.

What are the differences between channel lock and key lock functions?

Channel-lock can lock the channels and frequencies on your radio. You can use the button as normal, but you cannot switch to another channel. In another word, channel lock is to lock the channel switch function.

And keylock function can lock all the buttons on the radio, except the PTT button. Users cannot activate the functional buttons at all. If you put the radio in your bag or pocket, you can turn on the keylock function, and you can wear a headset with a PTT button to talk to others.

How to choose the channel lock function and the keylock function?

If you only work on 1 channel, you can wear your radio on your belt or the suspenders, you can use the channel lock function. You can monitor the channel, emergency alarm, and VOX function on your radio in channel lock mode.

If you always put the radio in your pocket or backpack, just like you are using in businesses like restaurants, hotels, and warehouses. You can work on 1 channel for communication, at this time, you can activate the keylock function to lock all the keys to reduce errors. And you can wear a headset with a PTT button to transmit.

How many radios have the channel lock and keylock function?

The new radio RB39 license-free portable radio can work on both channel lock and keylock functions. So, you can use it in your family and business. It is a super slim and lightweight radio.

And another slim radio RT22P has a keylock function. And it is in stock now.

RT45P is an outdoor radio, and you can set up all the functions on the radio, the keylock function can block all the operations.

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