How to connect the EWN001 wireless earpiece with your radio and phone?

The EWN001 Bluetooth radio is now upgraded and can work on some radios like RB37, RB637, RB89, and RB689. In the future, it can also work on the HD2 ham radio. If you already have the earpiece or if you are interested in the Bluetooth earpiece. Here is the guide to help you connect it to your radio and phone.

It is a small earpiece in your hand. And on the front panel, you can see a fingerprint icon, this is the touch PTT. You can touch the icon to play or stop the call or voice. And the charging port is on the button, you can use the Micro USB charging cable to charge it. On the right side are the PTT button, volume up and down buttons, and the power button. Here is its appearance.

How to operate the EWN001 wireless earpiece?

Power on/off

Holding the Power button for 1 second, you will hear ‘power on’. And now you can see a blue indicator.

Holding the power button for 3 seconds, you will hear ‘power off’. And the indicator flashed red 3 times.

Connect to your radio/phone

If your earpiece is a new one. You will see the flash of red and blue; now, you can pair your radio or phone.

When you want to connect to your radio, like RB89 or RB689. Here to know how to work on the RB37 radio. Press the PTT button and the PF2 button to turn on your radio first, and after the red light blinks 4 times, and you hear a prompt, your radio enters the pairing mode.  Now, your radio can connect to the earpiece. And you will see a flash per 5 seconds.

If you want to connect to your phone. If your earpiece has paired with your radio or other devices, please turn off the earpiece first. And turn on your earpiece again, and your earpiece will enter the pairing mode. Now, you can find the EWN001 in your Bluetooth pairing list on your phone.

The indicator meanings on the EWN001 wireless earpiece

Power on: blue

No connection: flash blue quickly

Connecting: Flash each 5 seconds

In VOX: red

Pairing mode: flash red and blue

Calling: red

Low battery: flash red each 5 seconds

Power off: flash red 3 times

Charging: red

Full charging: none

See more parameters on the product page.  And we invited some influential radio operators or experts to test the earpiece with radios, and the performance will post on our Facebook. If you are interested in the performance, please follow us.

If any questions can leave them in the comment.

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