Discover the Real Intelligent Noise Reduction Radio-Retevis RB85

In our life, noise is everywhere. Working in the noisy environment, it is really annoying and affects productivity . If you are working with noisy environment, then you need a noise reduction radio to help you. Let us discover the real intelligent noise reduction radio-Retevis RB85.

Intelligent Noise Reduction

This radio based on coherent acoustics that accurately replicate the original sound field in all its forms. So, it can identify all kinds of noise and only the sound of a person speaking will be picked up. With this function, RB85 helps you hear the voice clearly in the noisy environment such as factories, clubs, bus/train stations.

Customized Side Keys

have a look to buttons of Retevis RB85
have a look to buttons of Retevis RB85

After you customize side keys by program software on computer, you can short press or long press side key 1 or 2 to turn on / off one of the below settings:

Short press: 1.Off 2.Noise cancellation 3.Continuous monitor 4.Hi/Low power 5.Emergency alarm 6.Battery capacity 7.Scan 8.VOX 9.Busy channel lock

Long press: 1.Off 2.Noise cancellation 3.Continuous monitor 4.Monitor momentary 5.Hi/low power 6.Emergency alarm 7.Show battery 8.Scan 9.Vox 10.Busy channel lock

VOX Hand-free

The VOX function has 9 levels, according to the outdoor scene, you can switch the appropriate sensitivity level. The higher the level, the higher the sensitivity, which can receive the weak signal of outdoor.  By turning on this function,  you can speak to the microphone in normal voice to transmit directly without pressing PTT switch.

USB Charging

usb charging-Retevis RB85
usb charging-Retevis RB85

It is convenient to charging it by its USB charging, which can be connected to smart phone chargers or other USB ports.

Alarm Function

This radio supports local and remote alarm. By turning on this function, your radio will send emergency alarm and will trigger on another radio.

Long-distance Talking

The radio is 5W/10W power selectable. Its talking distance is up to 3.8 km at high power.

Here is a video testing and reviewing the Retevis RB85:

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