RA85 GMRS Radio for US

RA85 GMRS radio is coming

For American radio users, GMRS radio requires the user to apply to the local ham radio club and pay a fee. Once the application is made, the whole family can use it. GMRS radio is a good choice for customers who want to reduce call interference. However, many of our GMRS radios only have 30 channels, which is a bit inadequate for many people, but our new GMRS radio RA85 has twice the number of channels.

What is it looks like:


And the main parameter, functions, and features:

  • Power: high power 5W, mid-power 2W, low power 0.5W.
  • Battery: 1800MAh
  • System: Analog
  • 60 channels and privacy codes.
  • 11 NOAA weather channels
  • USB charger with desk charger base
  • Dual display and dual standby functions
  • FM radio
  • TOT
  • VOX
  • Low battery voice prompt
  • SOS alarm
  • Automatic battery saving
  • Flashlight function

Recommended scenarios:

According to our research and customer feedback, this RA85 is suitable for agricultural use, long-distance calling, 60 channels, weather reception, FM, SOS, and other functions that can better help farmers work in the field, and the GMRS handheld radio can be easily connected to the GMRS repeater to extend the talking distance. And according to the survey, there are many farmers using GMRS radio on the farm, so RA85 can easily talk with other farmers.

However, if you are living in EU countries or the UK. The GMRS version is not available, so the RA685 is a ham radio in EU countries or the UK, the users can only use it with a license. If you want to know more information about the RA685, please follow our blogs and our social media channels.

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