DMR Radio RT83 Software Instruction

RT83 software will be used when you want to program your radio. But for some new ham, they don’t know  how to program a digital radio like RT83. Here will be a detail instruction about it!

1,Download the software

You can download the software from Retevis Offical website:

Find the RT83 file to download and install it!

2,Programming cable

It needs a programming cable to connect the radio with the computer:

3,RT83 software

Zones setting: 64zones and each zone can set 16 channels, total 1024 channels.

You can set the channel information: Channel name, Channel mode(analog or digital) color code(digital mode) Relay slot(digital mode)

TX and Tx information: Frequencies, group list and contact, CTCSS/DCS(Analog mode)

Contact: You can add the single call, group call and full call here.

Group list: Build the group list, then add the contacts to the corresponding groups you want.

These are 3 important points. If you want to make a digital mode talk, please make sure the contacts or group list and channels settings right.

RT83 software also has the function like encryption, DTMF, Emergency Alarm and GPS( make sure your radio is the GPS version).


Thanks to Matthew Miller, our tester to test and review this RT83 for us.

If any question, please feel free to leave a message or contact us on facebook: Retevis

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15 thoughts on “DMR Radio RT83 Software Instruction”

  1. Hi

    I have manage to get my RT83 in a locked state. When I turn it on it shows the RETIVIS screen and sound the three tone and then goes to a blue screen with the two people on and the world symbol and a digital display showing 0.000000.
    When I try to connect with the CPS it says Communication Time Out.

    How do I reset the radio is there a key sequence I should hold down when I switch the radio on?

    Thanks in advance for your help
    Kind regards


      1. Maybe you have figured it out by now, but I had the same issue recently. You need to press the bottom round circle on the left side, the bottom push to talk button and hold the orange button at the top, while powering on the radio. It will reset it to factory default. Then you would go through the process of reprogramming the radio.

    1. hi, they can’t work, RT83 can only work with RT83, and RT8 can work with RT3,RT3S,RT8,RT82,RT84 and RT90

    1. Hi, you can set it via software.
      Find DMR service, choose enhanced encryption, then chose on. Then define the No. with the key value by yourself. Then go to the Zone settings, find the channel you want to set the encryption, find the privacy, choose the right number of the encryption you settled.

      Try please


    I have the same problem. Is locked on a blue screen with the simbol of a Talk Group with two persons and the world planet under it. With the number 0.000000.
    When I plug the cable and I try to connect it, a windows appear with the message Communication time out.
    My adress is Only is worked for two weeks. I need help please.
    Kind rewards

  3. Juan Martinez Alegre

    I have the same problem. The image of two persons with the world image and the code 0.000000 With the H (High Power). Please I need help. Thank you very much. My adress is
    On my computer when i connect it, the message is Connection time out.

    1. Got same problem .
      The product was in warranty period but retevis ask to send the radio in China.
      I buy a new radio, but still waiting for solution

  4. Hey everyone I figured this one out, hold the top power button and the bottom side button, then turn it on, wait for the screen to stay white and then let go. BOOM
    Froze / Bricked Solution

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