H-777 How do connect with the repeater?

Can H-777 walkie talkies connect with the repeater?

We know that the distance is determined by the wattage.But it is also affected by the environment.

How can you increase the range of use of the H-777 walkie-talkies?
We have introduced the method of increasing the distance. One of them is that the walkie-talkie can increase the distance by connecting the repeater.

But if the H-777 can connect to the repeater?The answer is undoubtedly.


H-777 how to connect with a repeater?

let me kindly to tell you how to connect with a repeater?

Please reference below the steps:

You program the receive on the radio ,to match the transmitter frequency and TONES, if it’s used, on the repeater.

You then program the transmit on the radio to match the receive (input) of the repeater again program the TONES to match.

An example, output from the repeater 436.600, so you’d program the receive of the radio to 436.600, if the repeater offset is – .60000 ,then you’d program the transmitter on the radio to 436.000.

If the repeater didn’t use tones ,then you’d leave those off. If it had tone for both input and output that’s called TSql, so you’d put the tone in both Tx and Rx codes.

If the receiver only needs tones to access it ,then you’d only program TX tones in the radio.

You can expand the distance of the H-777 walkie-talkie, by connecting repeaters, which facilitates a wider range of communication between people.

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