Do you know what communication solutions for farms is the best?

The farms have different scales, maybe it’s a big farm, or small farms as well
In order to the best economic application, do you know what communication solutions for farms is the best?

A. solution one: small farms

For a small farm, the coverage range may not open, around 2-3 miles, you can choose a low power radio, like RT22 and RT47

RT22 is an FRS license-free radio, small body and lightweight, it’s very easy to carry on the farms


What communication solutions for farms

If you require a radio with a waterproof feature, if so, RT47 FRS license-free IP67 waterproof radio is a very good option

RT47 has a green color version, it’s more bright for outdoor using

What communication solutions for farms

B. solution two: large farms

When you own a large farm, the radio has to reach farther distance for covering whole farms

At this time, the high power radio you need to choose, like RB25 and RT29

RB25 is a high power DMR radio, mostly, it’s the most economic digital radio, the voice is very clear when you talk with your partner

Retevis DMR radio

RT29 is also high power radio for long-distance communication

It has an IP67 waterproof version available, 3200mah battery for long time standby, the price is almost as RB25. As far as I know, some customers from the farm who are using RT29, good feedback


Retevis high power radio

C. solution three: supersized farms

For supersized farms, the range of handheld radios are far than to meet what you want, for this situation, you can choose a repeater solution to work with your handheld radios, like RT97

For RT97 repeater, it can expand range around 3-4 miles based on the range of handheld radios, when you have a high power handheld radio and RT97 repeater, the range around 8-10 miles

Retevis repeater

According to the requirement, Now you should how to choose what communication solutions for farms, if you want to learn more about farms communication please feel free to email,

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