Retevis RB87 GMRS radio

Do you want to be the daredevil to try a new GMRS radio RB87?

Too many people love GMRS radios, and we’ve recently released a number of GMRS radios for you to choose from. However, no matter what features they created, the root of radio is communication. So, the original GMRS radio RB87 is coming.

Retevis RB87 GMRS radio

With the comment shell, and removing the additional functions or features, the strong communication tool is RB87.

But doesn’t going back to basics do anything?

No. There are 2 side keys on the left side, they can activate 4 functions based on your needs. And you can customize the functions on software by C9018A programming cable, with a general Kenwood 2-Pin jack. You can choose the quick functions on software.

According to the rules of GMRS radios, the antenna is fixed on the radio, and you cannot remove it by yourself, and the frequency cannot be changed as well. And the last 8 channels from 23 to 30 are repeater channels, so you can turn off the CTCSS/DCS codes to connect your repeater.

The basic functions of RB87.

  • Power on/off and volume adjusting: operate by the only knob.
  • Channel adjusting: Press the up and down button on the left side can change the channel. And press the up button for 2 seconds to activate the monitor.
  • PTT: to transmit your voice to receivers. And please make sure your mouth is 3-8cm away from the RB87 mic for the best call. If you need further distance, refer to the RB23GMRS radio with mic gain function.
  • Channel-lock: You can press the up and down button simulated, and you can lock the channel when you hear a beep. However, if you hear 2 beeps, the channel lock is removed.
  • Scan function: you can define the function on the down button, and press it for 2 seconds to activate the function.
  • H/L power switched: you can switch the high or low power on the software. If you find the indicator flash with 2 colors, it means the radio is in low power to transmit.
  • VOX function: You have to choose the function on the software. However, you can also activate the VOX function on the radio. You can switch to channel 7 and turn off the radio. And press the up button and turn on the radio, you will hear a prompt ‘VOX-ON/OFF’ to activate or turn off the VOX function.
  • Busy channel lock, auto battery saving, and low power alarm: you can set it on the software.
  • TOT: You can set up the time on software to limit the speaking time.
  • QT/DQT: There are 50 QT codes and 208 DQT for you to filter the calls.

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