Retevis RB28B license-free walkie talkie

No license family-friendly radio RB28 and RB28B

The family-friendly radio RB28 and RB28B are suitable for family activities, such as a short trip, a picnic, or going to the amusement park. And they are also a good gift for your families to celebrate Christmas Day and New Years Day.

What are the advantages of walkie-talkies over mobile phones?

Compared with mobile phones and networks, two-way radio’s signal carrier is electromagnetic waves in nature, a renewable resource. Especially good for short-distance communication within 1.5 miles. It’s cheaper, lasts longer, and is easier to focus on than a cell phone. In a backcountry with weak Internet connections, radio calls are far better than cell phones.

How to choose the no license family-friendly radio RB28 and RB28B for your families?

According to your country, RB28 and RB628 is FRS mode. You can use it if you live in North American countries and some countries in South American. However, if you are living in EU countries and the UK, the PMR446 model RB628 and RB628B are available for you and your families. And the NOAA weather channel function can only be used on FRS RB28 and RB28B. And the high power on the FRS radio is 2W but 0.5W on PMR446 radio.

From the appearance, RB28 and RB628 with a colorful screen, you can check the information and icons on it. But RB28B and RB628B with no screen, but the Mic and speaker are on the top of the front. So, you can hear and speak without a hamper when you put it in the pocket.

Retevis family friendly radio RB28 and RB28B

whichever you choose, they are all portable for both children and adults to carry out. And it is thin and lightweight for everyone, so it is enough to carry it like a key.

And the functions and the operation are similar. 

Time out timer(TOT)
VOX feature
Busy Channel Lockout
Keyboard Lock (Auto/Manual)
Squelch level(0-9 grades)
Auto power-saving function
Audio Compand
Monitor function
CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode
Low power indication/alarm
Scan function
Call ringtone (10 groups)
2-pin Kenwood accessory port

It only has three buttons, but it does most of its job. 
  • Shortcut keys: Press the setting button.
  • For 1 time: The channel will flicker, and you can press [<] and [>] to change the channel;
  • press 2 times: the CTSCC/DCS code will flicker, you can also press [<] and [>] to change the code;
  • press 3 times: you can see the ‘CA’ sign flicker, you can set the call tone now;
  • press 4 times: you can change the VOX level on RB28;
  • press 5 times: ‘Pr’ will appear, now it is time to choose high power or low power;
  • press 6 times: ‘SC’ means Scanning function, short-press the turn on/off button to turn on or turn off the scanning;
  • finally, press 7 times: ‘rb’ will tell you how to set you the roger.
  • And others, long-press [<] key, you can switch to the NOAA mode;
  • Long press[>] key to transmit the call tone;
  • Long press setting key to lock or unlock your radio, and short-press to enter or return to the menu.

And you can also program your radio in the software, you can download the software from And search the product page, then, you can find the software on the support tab.

RB28 programming software

And you have to use the programming cable to connect your radio and computer. The programming cable is C9018A, if you need to program your radio, don’t forget to add a programming cable to your chart.

In conclusion, the RB28 and RB28B are suitable for family use, and if you are ready to have a trip, picnic, or go to the amusement park, RB28 and RB28B are the best choices for you and your children. And it can work for about 12 hours, and the communication range is about 1.5 miles in an open area. So, they are better than phones. So, it should be a good gift for your families. If you want to have a discount price, please contact

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