Does the demand for walkie-talkies increase instead of falling?

The epidemic situation has affected the economic development of various countries and industries to varying degrees. Work stoppages, layoffs, and salary cuts are even more common. However, under this general environmental trend, the demand for walkie-talkies has increased instead of decreasing.

The sudden appearance of the epidemic has made people more aware of “accidents and wages do not know which comes first?” The importance of life safety has been brought up from comfortable life. Many customers come to buy walkie-talkies, no longer in the matter, but in advance.

For example, a customer wants to buy a walkie-talkie to be used before the earthquake. It is hoped that the communication distance is long, so that if an earthquake occurs in the future, he can notify his parents to escape in advance.

Another customer is an elementary school teacher. He said that due to the epidemic, children cannot go to the corridor to participate in outdoor activities. Every teacher needs to wear a walkie talkie to communicate.

Caring for life is our instinct.This instinct is the reason for the increase in demand for walkie-talkies.

In this regard, RETEVIS also hopes to recommend several inexpensive walkie-talkies. RT49P, RT49B, RT29orange and RT47Green. What they have in common is bright colors, which are easy to recognize and eye-catching. Secondly, it has complete functions, weather forecast function, real-time monitoring of weather conditions. Third, RT29orange has high power and long communication distance. RT49P, RT47 and RT29 have powerful dust and waterproof functions. And emergency alarm function, etc. It is very suitable for campus, company, construction site, farm and outdoor use. There is always one suitable for the situation you want to use.

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