emgergency use walkie talkie

Best emergency use walkie talkie

What’s the Best emergency use walkie talkie?

In emergency conditions, power-down and cellphone are out of service. This way,  emergency walkie talkie will be good tool to enable an in time  communication.

emergency call
Below is requirement from one of our customers.

We have four RT81’s that we have been testing, and we are quite impressed with their performance. We are part of a large estate with several properties nestled in the trees near mount Tamalpais in Marin County, northern California.

We have been experiencing massive fires for the last few years. We have had occasions when the local power, and cell phone towers were out of service , and we lost all communications.

These radios are part of our emergency preparation for each individual.

We also have a property atop the ridge and both adjoining valleys. We are considering the RT9550-IP repeater for the ridgetop property. This will enable reliable communications between all our properties in case of an emergency.

RT81 is a very powerful emergency use walkie talkie.

emergency use walkie talkie
It’s 10w big power, longer range compared with small power radio, IP67 water&dust proof.

RT9550, you can customize your own frequency within Receive:430-440Mhz,Transmit:440-450MHz, to communicate with RT81, and expand the communication range.

DMR digital repeater
You can also consider RT94: Waterproof Analog DMR LTE mobile Repeater You can customize RT94 within frequency range 136~174MHz    400~480MHz, to communicate RT81.
When you are using repeater outdoor, the waterproof function is useful.

waterproof DMR repeater

RT81 has no LCD display, workers can not change the frequency or other settings by mistake, it’s suitable for business use.

Besides RT81, RT50 is also good choice: RT50 is 10w big power, IP67 waterproof. No adjustable display, just Digital tube display to show some basic information, such as Channel no.

10w big power DMR radio

Any other inquiries for RT81, RT50 and digital repeater, please feel free to email to partner@retevis.com.


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