Dual PTT And Dual Band Radio-Retevis RT52

When you look at Retevis RT52, you may think that it looks quite similar to Retevis RT3S.  In fact, the differences are apparent as soon as you turn on the radio radio. Today, I’m glad to take you to explore some great features of  Retevis RT52 dual PTT and dual band radio.

Dual Standby

RT52 allows users to select dual band dual standby or dual band single standby. When you choose dual band dual standby,  both main channel and sub channel can receive effective calls. If you select dual band single standby, only the main channel can receive and launch signals, and the other channel will not receive signals.


Dual band of RT52
Dual band of RT52

Dual PTT and Middle Key

RT52 is designed with dual Push to Talk operation, which is easier for communication. Short press and long press toy key, middle key, PTT2 can turn on the preset functions. There are several functions as following: Power select, Scan switch, Beep switch, Lone work, Monitor, VOX switch, etc. You can customize keys to these functions by radio menu or programmable software.


Dual PTT of RT52
Dual PTT of RT52

GPS Position Function

GPS function can check the location positing information of the radio, it includes time, date, longitude, latitude, speed, altitude and satellite number. It will help you easy to catch your location even in the wild.

Lone Work Function

Lone work function is suitable for individual working in an unexpected situation that can not press keys or launch voice. The radio will automatically enter alarm to get help. Please note that this function can only be supported by digital mode channel.

Check this video to learn more more details of Retevis RT52 dual PTT and dual band radio:

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