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How to reduce the expensive shipping costs?

From 2020 to now, international transportation faced many problems. More than 10 times the shipping costs, crowded ports, go and never come back container, and the customs limited. We are trying to arrange a cheaper but quick logistics channel to deliver.

First, what affects transportation?

  1. Covid-19. As we know, the coronavirus is cunning, so the management measures of COVID-19 in each country are different, therefore, the management measures of customs in each country for international logistics are also different. And the higher fees of labor, longer import and export times, and unstable transportation policy. Cause shipping costs and time to increase rapidly.
  2. National policy. European customs carry out IOSS certification inspections on international goods, which increases the difficulty and cost of import. This situation causes the contraction of transportation channels and brings greater transportation pressure, so logistics companies raise prices accordingly.
  3. The impact of import and export trade inequality. For China, the quantity of export is more than imports, and for other countries, the quantity of imports is more than export, so the containers are left in foreign ports. So a lot of exports are sitting in ports waiting to be shipped. That’s why the transit time is getting longer.
  4. The impact of the oil industry. In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, the demand for oil in various countries dropped sharply, but since 2021, the economic recovery of various countries, the demand for oil keeps rising, and the price of oil keeps rising. And conflicts in the Middle East have affected oil supplies. So oil prices continue to soar, increasing transportation costs. Freight prices are also rising.

Our solution to the logistics problem is as follows.

  1. Increase the inventory of local warehouses. We will increase the inventory of popular models in overseas warehouses and give priority to shipment from overseas warehouses. This can save the customer transportation time and cost.
  2. The company chooses a better transport company and transportation channel. Our order handlers choose better transport channels and transportation companies in different countries and choose cheaper and faster modes of transportation as much as possible.
  3. It is not recommended to buy batteries and other products in the same order. The transportation channels of batteries are limited and the price is higher. If we choose conventional channels, we have to contact you to remove the batteries or pay for the freight. If we choose both battery channels, the cost will be very high.

An example to show the bill of RB17P:

Productsunit costTotal costs
Paypal2.96include in the product price
Total price48.99
Ship toAmerica
Economy shipping(25-35)11.41

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