How to update the firmware of RT72 ?

Retevis radio RT72 is a digital radio, it is dual band with GPS function. Analog and digital mode combined.  Some customer say their RT72 radio can not read from the software,  which firmware version is V02.02.023 . To solve this problem,  they need update their firmware . Today we teach you the steps on how to update firmware of RT72.

1, You can contact use to send you the firmware of RT72.

(1)L02_20191128   : the profile to update the firmware

(2)MD Setup v1.01.02 cn  :  the software to update the firmware

(3)RT72 Setup v1.00.02 en :the software to use after updating the firmware

2, Connect your radio with the computer by the programming cable, then press the # key without letting go, and then turn the power on to turn on the radio. At this time the indicator light is on . The green light indicates that it has entered the firmware upgrade state.

3,Install the software to upgrade the firmware MD Setup v1.01.02 cn  .   Click on the picture below to switch between Chinese and English

4, Click “Program’-“Tool”

6,Click ” Load”  to select L02_001_20191128.bin  and then click ” upgrade”

7, After you update the firmware of RT72 successfully , just turn off the radio and then turn on again.

8,  When you update the firmware of RT72 , the GPS-equipped machine may not display GPS. The following is the solutions to solve this problems.

(1)  Use RT72 Setup v1.00.02 en to read the software of RT72 after upgrading,

(2) Click” Program”-“Embedded Message”

9, The password is  374612

(1) First read, then check  NO.2.3.4 (GPS Firmware) in the picture below, and then click write to radio.

(2) Turn off the RT72 radio and then turn it on again , you can check the GPS location information.

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