Electronic Pickup and Noise Reduction Headphones for shooting

Noise Reduction Headphones for the shooting is a necessary device to protect your ear. The Noise Reduction Headphone has Physical and electrical reduction, both have different functional effects. When you know the difference, you can choose a suitable Noise reduction Headphones

The difference between Physical and electrical reduction


1.Physical noise reduction is the simplest way to block the ears,so that the sound cannot be transmitted into the ears. The disadvantage is that no sound can be heard, and the advantage is economic


2.Electronic noise reduction is to collect the surrounding sound through the microphone, and then restore the sound through the power amplifier after secondary processing. The advantage is that there is no delay in listening to the sound. The noise over 85 DB will be processed into an acceptable range to the ear. The disadvantage is expensive.

When you stay in the shooting environment, you need an electronic noise reduction as you not only need to stop the external noise, you also need to hear other surrounding sounds

Noise Reduction Headphones for shooting

How to choose an electronic noise reduction headphone

1.High-quality sound insulation sponge and leather ear pad, comfortable to wear, good sound insulation effect

Noise Reduction Headphones for shooting

2.Automatic pickup: there is a pickup microphone on the left and right sides, which will not completely isolate the sound of the external environment, and has the function of amplifying the environmental sound

Noise Reduction Headphones for shooting

3.Adjustable expansion frame, the user can adjust the width and narrow, and space can be compressed better when it is stored

Noise Reduction Headphones for shooting

4. Own waterproof level for outdoor using

Retevis has several Noise Reduction Headphones for option, you can choose one of them based on you like

1.C9152B: https://www.retevis.com/EHK007-M-Electronic-Pickup-and-Noise-Reduction-Headphones/

2.C9078A:: https://www.retevis.com/eh070k2-pin-binaural-noise-reduction-headphone/



Besides Noise Reduction Headphones for shooting, which also meets with your application

If you have any questions on Noise Reduction Headphones, Please feel free to contact us by email, partner@retevis.com


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