GMRS Long range Two-way Radio RT76P

GMRS Long range Radio RT76P, The GMRS band handheld radios, also with the GMRS repeater function.

It has 30channels, for 22 channels, with the FRS and GMRS frequency. For last 8 channels, they are the GMRS repeater channel. You can use these 8 channels with the other GMRS repeater, like the model RT97.

Let’s check the GMRS RT76P first:


It has the full keypad: the number button from 0~9. The menu button, the up and down button and etc.

With the channel knob and power on/off knob. The LCD dispaly, you can check your working channel, battery power and etc easily.

The left side with the PTT button, when press the PTT, you can transmit. Also with two side keys, one for alarm function, another you can set via programming software.


The features of  GMRS Long range Two-way Radio RB76P

1, GMRS band and GMRS repeater function.

From channel 1 to channel7 and channel 15-22, the power is high, and from channel 8 to channel 14, the power will be low( 0.5w). And from channel 23-channel 30, they are the GMRS repeater channel.

You can use the channel 23 to channel 30, to work with other GMRS repeater, like Retevis RT97-GMRS.

2, Alarm

Radios with the Alarm function, can help the use to send alarm sound when meet the problem. This RT76P has this functions, and with the unique button (side key1) to active the alarm feature.


With a build-in NOAA Weather Channel Function, you will always be prepared for storms and emergencies.

4, Other functions

Like the FM radio, scan function, CTCSS/DCS code, DTMF, VOX, Squelch……



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  1. What is the IP rating of this device regarding how water resistance/proof it is? I see no reference to an IP rating in the manual I have. This page uses the term ‘waterproof’ but provides no details.

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