Emergency alarm On ground alarm for RT50

On ground alarm is an emergency feature. Like the Man Down. RT50 has this function, when your radio is horizontal, it will alarm, also your friend’s radio will get the alarm, and come to help you! (Please make sure you can communicate with your friend by radio )

RT50 is a UHF(400-470MHz) analog&digital radio, with the hidden LED display, with 2 zones 198 channels and 200 contacts.

Now there are two ways to set the On ground alarm function:

1, By key setting

Choose the P2key or P1key to set the Man Down: On ground alarm

This way, you need to turn on this function by long press or short press as your settled.

Please note: For RT50, the key below the PTT is P1, and top one is P2.

2, By setting

Check this, when your radio is in horizontal, it will alarm! No need to turn on it by press any button!


If any question about this function, please feel free to leave message here!

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