How to set RT3 scan function (analog)

How to set RT3 scan function in analog mode.

In the previous blog we talked about how to set  RT3 scan function in digital mode.

In this blog we will introduce how to set RT3 scan function in analog mode.

1.Open your software and choose the scan function.

Menu Item-choose (Scan”√”  Edit list “√”)

2.Change the radio mode in software.

Channels  information– channel 1–Channel mode –analog mode.

Then you will find that the Digital Data zone of the software turn gray, and the Analog Data zone turn black.

3.Set Channel Information.

For example, Channel 1-Auto Scan “√”

You have to choose at least 3 channel.

If you choose Auto Scan, Scan will be start when you switch to this channel.

4.Choose CTCSS /DCS.

If you want to scan as much as signal at all your scan channel.

You’d better choose the CTCSS/DCS Dec and CTCSS/DCS Enc data is none.

5.Choose scan list.


Click Scan list-scan list 1 then you will find two “add ” key in the Scan List 1.

Choose one channel you will find the add key(the first one) turn black, you can add the scan channel in the scan list.

You can add scan list through the add key( the second one).

Then you can choose the scan list 1 or 2 or none in the channel information, after you add the scan list.

For example, you want your channel 10 in scan list 1, you have to select scan list 1 in the channel 10 information, after that you have to add channel 10 to the scan list 1.

6.Set priority channel in scan list.

What is the meaning of priority channel?

For instance, Normal scan mode: channel……

After set the priority channel(such as channel 1 is the priority channel ) scan mode like this: channel 1.…….

Every time before the radio scan next channel it will scan the priority channel again.

7.Set the side key.

select Buttons Definitions–Side Buttons —Scan on /off.

You can choose side key 1 or 2, long press or short.

After you set all scan settings over. Write data to radio.

Then open your radio, press the side key, switch the scan channel. the scan will act.

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