How to set RT3 Scan function (digital)

How to set RT3 scan function in digital mode.

1.Use of the scan function.

You can check it with this blog.

2.How to set RT3 scan function in digital model.

1)Open your software and choose the scan function.

Menu Item-choose (Scan”√”  Edit list “√”)

2)Set Channel Information.

For example, Channel 1-Auto Scan “√”

You have to choose at least 3 channel.

If you choose Auto Scan, Scan will be start when you switch to this channel.

3)Select the same contact.

Select the same contact for each scanned channel.

For example, radio A want to scan radio B.Radio A and Radio B should have same contact.

Like all of them have to choose contact 1 as the picture.

The premise of being scanned is that two radio can talk to each other.

4)Select the same color code.

the Color Code is same as the scan radio color code.

For example, Radio A :channel 13 462.625MHZ color code 1, radio B channel 13(channel is no need to be same ) 462.625MHZ color code 1

Radio A can scan Radio B.

5)Add all the scan channel to the scan list.

As the picture shows.Add all the scan channel to the scan list.

If you do not want to let some channel to be scanned, please do not add it to the scan list.

6) Set priority channel in scan list.

What is the meaning of priority channel?

For instance, Normal scan mode: channel……

After set the priority channel(such as channel 1 is the priority channel ) scan mode like this: channel 1.…….

Every time before the radio scan next channel it will scan the priority channel again.

7) Set the side key.

select Buttons Definitions–Side Buttons —Scan on /off.

You can choose side key 1 or 2, long press or short.

After you set all scan settings over. Write data to radio.

Then open your radio, press the side key, switch the scan channel. the scan will act.

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