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Emergency function for Business walkie talkie RT29

Emergency function for Business walkie talkie is very important. Especially for those who works alone, like warehouse, farm, security guard. When in danger, you can use your handheld radio to send the Emergency Alarm to your partner or management center.

As we know, Retevis RT29 is the best walkie talkie for business, because it has high power 10W, so make it communication range longer, IP67 grade waterproof feature, make the user no worry about the rain and water.

Retevis waterproof walkie talkie RT29
Retevis waterproof walkie talkie RT29

In addition, Retevis RT29 has the Emergency function. It is very easy to setup and use. When you setup this function, only need to press the button, the emergency alarm will be sent.

1, Choose the right type when programming

  • When you order the RT29, you need to choose which band you need. Then download the software from retevis page:
  • Then install the RT29 software-We only have one software, when open the software, you need to choose the model type of your radio, like the below picture.
Retevis RT29 UHF or VHF
retevis RT29-uhf or VHF.jpg

2, Program your radio- can talk with others

  • You need to program your radio’s Tx and Rx frequencies same with your partners or management center. Make sure you can talk with them.
  • For example, your radio is UHF band, and will talk to partners or management center on channel 1. Like below:

3, Defined the alarm feature

  • Click Edit, choose key setting, choose the sidekey you want to define with the Emergency Alarm.

    RT29 alarm function setting
    RT29 alarm function setting

4, Test the Emergency alarm.

  • First, choose the right channel( we choose channel 1) to talk with partner, you can talk with each other on that channel.
  • Press the PF2 (You defined the key) to active the alarm.
  • The alarm will sent to another radio.

5,  Conclusion

  • When active the alarm, The alarm sounds on both sides of the Radios. It will keep 20 seconds.
  • After 20 seconds, it will silence for 10 seconds then alarm again.


If any question about this Emergency function for Business walkie talkie RT29, you can contact us by the following ways:




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