Enjoy RT49P Waterproof walkie-talkie for Kayaking

RT49P waterproof walkie-talkie is the best choice for you when out for kayaking.

When you’re out kayaking, the key to staying safe is better communication. You can pass information freely within a kayaking team. All the team members can talk with each other instantly, to make sure no one with problem or overtired. Also, good communication will help you to point out the potential obstacles or hazards and inform others.

Some people will say the Mobile phone is enough.

Now we can’t leave without a mobile phone. And lots of mobile phones with ads about waterproof. But when your mobile phone with water in, they are not responsible for maintenance.

The second question is about the mobile signal.

In some Kayaking places with weak phone signals, it is very difficult to call others. Besides, the cost is very high. It is very expensive if you want to call all the members.

The third question-Time

f you have an emergency, inform your members as soon as possible. Using a mobile phone, you should dial the phone number or Find the right person in your address book. This will take a little bit of time.

So Two-way Radios or walkie-talkies are an excellent tool for kayaking. They allow for reliable, constant, and instant communication.

So here I will introduce the RT49P waterproof walkie-talkie.  Help you to enjoy your kayaking easily.

RT49P with lots of features

1, IP67 waterproof

Compare with your mobile phone, Retevis RT49P is a fully waterproof two-way radio. Since you are buying two-way radio for kayaking, so it is better to choose the fully waterproof two-way radio. You will meet rain day, splash-up from a paddle, or an accidental trip overboard. These will make your radio meet the water. So if you don’t want your radio broken because of water. Choose the waterproof RT49P two-way radio

2, Floating

Besides the waterproof, RT49P also has another feature, Floating. Meeting water is a common thing for kayaking. And sometimes you and your radio will accidentally out of the boat.  Usually, the radio will sink into the water. But Retevis RT49P with the floating feature will float on the river. You can easily take the radio out of the water.

3, license-Free band

Retevis RT49P is the FRS band two-way radio, no need license to use it.   For lots of users, they don’t want to pay more for communication tools, so choose license-free will be a good choice.

So take Retevis RT49, enjoy your Kayaking now. Any questions, please feel free to leave a message.


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