RT49P helps outdoor adventures smoother

Do you have problems about communicating with your peers and weather changes when doing outdoor activities?These troubles are inevitable for outdoor adventure lovers. Maybe RT49P walkie talkie can help make your adventures  smoother.

Communicate with companions easily

In the sparsely populated and changeable terrain of the outdoor, bad signal is always a big problem for us. When our phones don’t work, RT49P allows you to communicate with your partner steadily. And RT49P is a kind of license free two way radio. That means it is easy to use and needn’t bother to apply for a permit. Moreover, the cell phone pays for expensive calls, but RT49P doesn’t.

Powerful IP67 waterproof function

It is very common for heavy rain to fall suddenly when doing outdoor activities. Bad weather more in need of us to communicate with partners in time. Thus, a waterproof walkie talkies like RT49P was extremely needed.

Floating function

If you’re crossing a river and your radio accidentally falls into the water. It is not easy to find it at the bottom of the river where the depth is unknown. The float function helps you pick it up easily from the river.

RT49P waterproof
RT49P waterproof

NOAA function

If you are America or Canada user, this function can do you a favor. Weather conditions can be accepted through it, which makes you plan outdoor activities in advance based on the weather and avoid unsafe places during extreme weather.

Flashlight function

Night doesn’t stop our steps when hiking or doing other outdoor activities. Long use of the flashlight drained its battery,and we will get lost in the dark. Then RT49P can act as a backup flashlight to bring a little light on a dark night.

RT49P flashlight
RT49P flashlight

This is a wise choice to choose RT49P  to help your adventures smoother. If you have any question, please leave a comment below. 1

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