Waterproof Dustproof Two-way Radio

Waterproof and dustproof radios, only the brave

Waterproof and dustproof radios, only the brave. In our Retevis two-way radios, many of them are support water-resistant functions, which means you can use them in wet or splash places. However, in general, not all of them are our waterproof radios, why?

IP67 waterproof and dustproof function is the highest grade in waterproof and dustproof level. And the radios can work in 1-meter depth water within a half-hour. It is a special and great function. Because in nature, water and earth is the root of the natural world. We should protect our radios from the water and earth when we enjoying nature.

IP67 is the highest level of dust-proof and waterproof of walkie-talkies. It has strict technical requirements for dustproof and waterproof intrusion into the walkie-talkie. Therefore, the walkie-talkie with IP67 function can let you in fishing, swimming, camping, offshore, skiing, and even cross-country activities. At the same time enjoy high-quality calls and natural gifts.

We have customers who shared their walkie-talkies in their events:

We can recommend some IP67 radios:

RT49P waterproof radio with floating and flashing

RT29 long-range waterproof radio

RT47 waterproof rechargeable radio

HD1 waterproof ham radio

They all have the same excellent dustproof and waterproof functions, and the RT49P has the function of falling into the water, even if you accidentally drop it in the water, you can easily find and salvage it.

Waterproof and dustproof radios, only the brave.

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