Full waterproof License-free Radio RT49P-RT649P

Waterproof License-free Radio RT49PRT649P will make your outdoor adventure easy.

No matter outdoor adventure, or outdoor business, waterproof radio will be your best choice. Our Retevis RT49P and RT649P are full waterproof two-way radios.  Lots of outdoor adventures choose RT49P as their communication tool during outdoor activities.

So here I will introduce this full waterproof two-way radio RT49P and RT649P

1, RT49P vs RT649P

First when you choose waterproof radio, please consider which band you need.

RT49P is the FRS band license-free two-way radio. So if you want to use this radio in American, choose RT49P.

And if you want to use this waterproof radio in European countries, choose RT649P. Because RT649P is the PMR446 license-free two-way radio.

2, Full waterproof and floatable two-way radios

Retevis RT49P and RT649P are the IP67 waterproof two-way radios.

IP67 means our RT49P can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour. So when you are go fishing or boating and fall the radio into the water, don’t worry. It can’t be damaged by water.

Another feature is floatable. When you fall the radios into the water, it floats on the river, will not sink.

IP67 waterproof and floatable two-way radios RT49P/RT649P

3, The full License-free two-way radios for family outdoor and outdoor extreme enthusiasts.

Choose RT49P, please don’t worry about how to use it. It is very simple to use, and you can choose the features by its keypad.

Also, it is a license-free two-way radio. No need to apply for the license. No more cost when you talk to your friends.

4, With lots of features that make your outdoor adventure more easily

Besides the waterproof and floats, license-free. Retevis RT49P and RT649P also have lots of features, these features will make your outdoor adventure easy.

Retevis RT49P with more features

Such as:

  1.  RT49P also has an LCD screen display, which helps you to check the radio information.
  2. With the SOS emergency Light function, when you meet problems outdoor, you can activate it.
  3. FRS band with the 11 NOAA channels, helps you to receive the weather information in time.
  4. LED light function, when your flashlight with a problem, RT49P radio can be used as the flashlight.

If you are looking for fully waterproof and floats two-way radios, why not consider RT49P and RT649P?

Any questions about waterproof License-free Radio RT49P-RT649P, please leave a message below.


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  1. Eric Dhabliwala

    This looks like a great little radio to use with my Family when we go to the beach.

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