Entry-Level Ham Radio Retevis RT84

Entry-Level Ham Radio Retevis RT84 radio is on sale now! You can buy it from Retevis Official Website:

The features:

1, DCDM function: Dual Capacity Direct Mode. It is a feature which allows two slot operation on simplex. Not only does it offer two slot operation but is also currently the only product which complies with ETSI TS102-361 §1-4 v2.1.1 for 6.25e operation on simplex. More about this function, you can check this blog: https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/whats-dual-capacity-direct-mode-dcdm/
2, 10,000 contacts list: Not like the Ailunce HD1 with 100,000 contacts list. It fits well for business, for entry-level hams.
3, VFO modes: It has two VFO modes. You can build the Temporary conversation on VFO mode. No need to program it by software on computer.
4, 3-sidekeys: You can customized these 3 sidekeys into different function by long press and short press.
5, VOX function
6: Dual band: UHF:400-480mHz and VHF:136-174mHz

A video to show the RT84:

For the software, you can download from here: https://www.retevis.com/resources-center/
Find the right model in below picture:
If you don’t know the software, you can check our blog about the RT84: https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/rt84-software-introduction/
And RT84 can add an channel by its keypad, if you don’t know how to do this, you can check this blog: https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/how-to-add-retevis-rt84-channels-by-hand/
If you don’t know how to set a private call on RT84, Please check this blog: https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/how-to-set-private-call-by-software-on-rt84?/
More information want to know, please leave a message here or contact us on facebook: www.facebook.com/retevis

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