RT51 POC advantages

What are advantages of the RT51 POC radio?

A great news for USA customers!!! Retevis has released a RT51 POC (Press to Talk over Cellular) radio this month. Some customers may not familiar with POC radio, while, if we talk about Retevis RT51 POC advantages, I believe you will be definitely interested in it.


1.Nationwide Coverage and Unlimited Range

Are you worried about communication range for radios? Besides repeater, there’s another solution now! A POC radio is like a cellphone, you can talk with your team members nationwide. But, cost much less than a cellphone. Only $129.00/pc you can own one. And, more convenient than a cellphone in team communication and GPS tracking.

RT51 POC2.Instant Push-To-Talk

Only by pressing PTT, you can talk constantly with your team members at any time. No limit of range and with a crystal communication tone!

3.1-All, Group&Private call easily

Allows you to communicate securely and privately to groups and individual users, with the push of a button. Communicate one to one, or one to all, instantly and effectively.

4.Unlimited Talk Groups

You can create the talk groups at your requirement freely, no max talk groups number limit. How many members/devices in this group is also no limit.

POC radio5.Secure&Encrypted

Because group information and device information are created by your side, so the communication is with high privacy. No other body outside your team can hear your communication. Just talk with 100% reasurance!

6.Long standby time

4000mAh big battery capacity. Long standby time.

7.PC Dispatch System and Advanced GPS Tracking

This is also another big advantage for Retevis RT51 POC radio, management can talk with your teams by dispatching control software easily, convey message to them in time and make sure their safety at any time. Also you can track their GPS position, see their GPS track. Wow, that’s really amazing!!!

POC dispatch system8.Recorded Voice Calls

On PC Dispatch System, you can record your communications with any team members.

9.Very easy to programme and use RT51 POC after unboxing

After you order RT51 device, Retevis will offer you an account and password ( or you tell us the ID and password you prefer) to use for your management account, we make a record in our system. Then you add groups and add POC devices you ordered into your management platform. Done!

All you need to do is, insert your preferred carrier SIM card on the radios (a monthly data plan of 500MB will be enough) and subscribe the yearly service. You will need a yearly subscription for each radio $10.00. And that’s it!

Which field will POC be used?

Any kind of team coordination that need long communication distance requirement, you can choose RT51 POC to realize an unlimited Range communication.

Any kind of cooperation that needs dispatch control software to make a track, we can use RT51 POC. Such as a taxi company that has many taxis and drivers. Or a logistics company that need track goods and truck easily.

Interested in RT51 POC radio? Sure, I believe you love it! Please email to kam@retevis.com for inquiry.

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    1. This radio use the SIM’s cellular network. With the same band as the mobile phone. What is it your company does? You can contact with us by email or facebook.

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