Explore Dual Watch Radio RB27B

Do you also want to find a walkie-talkie that can receive two channels at the same time? Dual Watch Radio RB27B is waiting for you to explore.

First of all, what exactly is Dual Watch? Dual Watch is a function that allows you to receive two channels at the same time. For example, when you enable the Dual Watch function and set channel 1 and channel 22 as Dual Watch channels, you can receive information.

For example, Dual Watch Radio RB27B is very suitable for parents to use at home. For example, when a parent has two children, the parent can monitor one child’s sleep and another child’s communication on the one hand. Especially, when parents do housework and cannot look after their children, the Dual Watch function is really useful.

Secondly, the hotel scene. Staff can set up two channels that are closely related to their work. On the one hand, they can receive instructions from their superiors, and on the other hand, they can coordinate and cooperate with their jobs. Make the work better. The Dual Watch function can be used in schools, outdoor coaches, etc.

Third, it is used for outdoor camping by teams. On the one hand, team coaches receive information from members, on the other hand, they receive information from staff to achieve linkage and connection.

Dual Watch has enriched the RB27B with functions and upgraded basic functions to meet the needs of more people. Does your walkie-talkie have Dual Watch function?

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