Free Review! New License-Free RB27B Radio

The new license-free RB27B radio is recruiting and evaluating! This is a free benefit for Retevis consumers. RB27B radio is very popular because of its exquisite appearance, certificate-free, dual watch and other features and functions. So, if you want to try RB27B radio for free, please let us know in the comments section.

At the same time, if you have a social media ID or walkie-talkie group, remember to attach the link. This way you have a greater chance of picking you. We will announce the free evaluation email at the end of the month. good luck.

New license-free RB27B radio

RB27B, GMRSRB27, MURSRB27V are a series of walkie-talkies that complement each other to meet the different needs of consumers. You can choose which one is more suitable for you. What these three walkie-talkies have in common is that they are USB rechargeable, full-featured, suitable for outdoor and commercial use, and are inexpensive. These three walkie-talkies are very popular with consumers and have been sold out many times. This license-free RB27B radio is too suitable for use.

RETEVIS hopes that you will evaluate the call distance of RB27B, the more accurate the better. Test function and sensitivity, test battery duration, etc., the more objective feedback the more welcome. At the same time, look forward to your personal comprehensive trial feedback.

If you want to try new license-free RB27B radio for free, please leave a message.

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2 thoughts on “Free Review! New License-Free RB27B Radio”

  1. For the RB27V I would first test the audio of the radio compared to some of your other MURS radios. I would test the receive and transmit of the radio and compare it to other transceivers. I would include any menu functions and functionality of the radio on my YouTube channel.

  2. Ryan O'Neal Qualls

    I’d like to try out the RB27B and compare it against my cobra PX655, midland GXT100, & RT49P.

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