Features of Retevis waterproof Ultra-thin Long Radio

In order to apply for most of customer’s requirement, recently we launch a waterproof Ultra-thin Long Radio
RB47 is an FRS license-free radio for America customers, RB647 is an PMR license-free radio for European customers
There are some features that it’s worth for us to introduce specially

RB47: https://www.retevis.com/rb47-waterproof-ultra-thin-long-range-frs-radio

RB647: https://www.retevis.com/rb647-ip67-waterproof-ultra-thin-pmr446-portable-radio-eu


1.Small and Ultra-thin body

The thickness only 23.6 mm, is equal to the thickness of iphone, even thinner. it means to carry easily any everywhere
When you climb a high mountain, It’s very crucial to reduce the weight of what you carry, the small and Ultra-thin body is very suitable to carry

waterproof Ultra-thin Long Radio

2.Outdoor IP67 waterproof feature

It’s very rare for waterproof license-free radio, A lot of customers have been waiting for it
That’s to say, We specially develop this model according to the actual demand of customers
It helps us to solve a license-free radio with IP67 waterproof feature requirement, when you’re a hunter, you must love it in the rainny

3.Long Communication Distance

According to our tested the outdoor range, the farthest range can reach to 5km, which meets outdoor communication demand
When you’re hiking, it’s no problem to make you talk with your partner who is in the line of end

4.Emergency Alarm feature

When the radio has a Ultra-thin body, outdoor waterproof feature, and long communication Distance, if it has emergency Alarm feature is very prefect
This model can exactly meet with your all requirements, when you’re in dangerous situation, one key to turn on the function to rid off dangerous early

Except for RB47/RB647, we have other Ultra-thin radios, such as RB45/RB645, you can get more information by this article: https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/retevis-new-dual-ptt-walkie-talkie/
If you’re finding a waterproof Ultra-thin Long Radio, I’m sure that RB47/RB647 is a very good option, more detailed please email to us, lewis@retevis.com



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