Why Retevis develop RT29D Waterproof UHF DMR Portable Radio?

Retevis RT29 is very popular since it’s released, some customers mentioned many times if RT29 has a DMR version is better. In order to apply for demand of most customers, Retevis has already started to develop RT29 DMR radio two years ago.Today RT29D Waterproof UHF DMR Portable Radio officially launched, First come, first served

There are some articles to introduce RT29 analog radio as below

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Waterproof UHF DMR Portable Radio

Why develop RT29D Waterproof UHF DMR Portable Radio?

1.RT29D is a upgraded based on RT29 radio
It saves main feature of RT29, IP67 waterproof feature, high power for long distance communication, 3200 mah big battery capacity, and so on

2. RT29D as a DMR radio, it owns most of features of DMR radio, Single/Group/All Call features, which meets with requirement of multiple departments communication
The DMR Digital encryption makes communication privacy.
In addition, it supports digital and analog modes, not only work with RT97 analog repeater, but also connects RT97P DMR repeater

3. RT29D has two version, Bluetooth Version and Non- Bluetooth version
According to the feedback from most of customers, they use RT29 in construction site
When RT29D with Bluetooth headset help them hands free, it’s more convenient for them to carry out construction

4.Even if RT29D is a DMR Portable Radio, however, the price is very economic in digital radio system
The reason is that RT29D is developed based on RT29 radio, Much costs are saved, also for the customer can accept

RT29D is a DMR Portable Radio, It doesn’t mean that we’re always after it, if It’s unnecessary to choose a DMR radio based on your application scenario, RT29 is okay
If you are a customer who has been looking for RT29 DMR radio in the past, RT29D is the best option you want, welcome to learn more by email, lewis@retevis.com

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