What are the difference between Retevis RM01 and RM21?

Retevis RM01 and RM21, both are the VHF Handheld Marine Radio
There are some similarity and difference between them, RM21 is a Noise Cancelling Floating Marine Radio

In the last month, we write an article for introduction RM01 VHF Handheld marine radio: https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/retevis-rm01-ip67-waterproof-handheld-marine-vhf-radio/

Noise Cancelling Floating Marine Radio

The similarity between Retevis RM01 and RM21

1. VHF Handheld Marine Radio

The frequency range is the VHF band, why the marine radio is the VHF range, as we as we know, the VHF frequency is farther in wide ocean

2. IP67 waterproof feature

Both have IP67 waterproof feature, Waterproof here means protection from seawater to make the lifetime is more longer

3. Floating feature

Except for Floating feature, RM21 can make a flash alarm, When you accidentally drop the radio into the water what it makes you find it easily

4. Vibration Draining Function

When the marine radio with Vibration Draining Function, it means that the water isn’t easy to enter into the radio when you take it from the water to keep the radio better

5. NOAA Weather Alert

Both have NOAA Weather Alert, This is also the function of most marine radios to pay attention to situation of weather anytime

The difference between Retevis RM01 and RM21

1. The output power

RM01, the output power is 3W/1W( high/low), however, RM21 is 5W/3W/1W( high/middel/low), when RM21 with higher power, the range is farther than RM01

2. RM21 has Noise Reduction feature, it makes communication more clear in noisy on the sea

3. The battery

RM01, The battery needs 5 pieces 1.2V (AAA) batteries to provide the power, RM21 is 1800 mah li-ion battery

Noise Cancelling Floating Marine Radio

In terms of price, RM21 is higher than RM01 as it’s a Noise Cancelling Floating Marine Radio, if you’re interested in learning more about marine radios, please contact us by email, lewis@retevis.com

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