Field Test Repeater RT97 by Retevis

Field test repeater RT97 by Retevis

Last time, I wrote a blog about how to calculate the repeater’s range. This conlcusion is based on ideal calculations.

So how far is the repeater RT97‘s communication range?

Our friend Lewis from the United Kingdom made a field test already, here is the video:

Yesterday We made a field test on repeater RT97 in Zhengzhou City, China.

1, Install and erect antennas on the top of our officce building

2, Program the handheld radios.

Make sure the handheld radios TX frequency same with the repeater RT97’s Rx frequency. For example:

Our RT97 repeater’s Tx frequency is 417.41250mhz, so I program the RT87 handheld radio Rx frequency 417.41250mhz

Model RT22 (2W), RT87 (5W) and RT29(10w).

3, Go out to test

There are two test groups, one group rode North, the other one rode South.

We set up 3 points to test: 5km, 7km and 8km. See the below picture:

4, Our test groups team

5, Conclusion

RETEVIS 2W relay via RT97: radius: 5KM diameter: 10KM

RETEVIS 5W via RT97 relay: radius: 7KM diameter: 14KM

RETEVIS 10W relay via RT97: radius: 8KM diameter: 16KM (limit)

6, The video about this test


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